It’s a Futurama Reference – I’ll Explain Later

It’s been a while since I wrote online in more than 140 characters at time. I thought I was done with longform writing, largely on account of oh god I’m so tired, so very, very tired. In the past I’ve written online, given up and restarted later, but the gaps in between were usually fairly small; it wouldn’t take long before the urge to put finger to keyboard re-asserted itself.

I might even use pull quotes for added authenticity.

There would usually be some sort of prompt, usually provided by Warren Ellis. He was always doing new and interesting stuff online – a new blog here, a new series of short fiction there – and when a new one came along while I was in a lull, I’d think “that’s awesome – I remember when I did that (not as well, obviously). Perhaps I should do it again.” That hadn’t happened in quite some time, but at the very end of 2012, it did.

I read Caitlin Moran’s “Moranthology” (her collection of Times columns) and that familiar feeling came over me once again. Deciding that I really should be writing more just in time for a New Year felt a bit much like a Resolution for comfort, and I was having second thoughts, when this happened:

It's all her fault.

Well, I have to now, don’t I? Given the inspiration, I’m aiming for a “slightly sweary newspaper opinion column” kind of feel – I might even use pull quotes for added authenticity. Since I’ve been out of it for so long, I figure I’ll ease myself in with the starter-for-ten that is writing about writing – that’s your fair warning. Let’s see how long I can make this one last.


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