So What’s New?

I’ve detailed the history of my past writings elsewhere, and one of the things that I notice on re-reading it is that every time I started writing again, I tried something new. When I was hand-coding my own site in HTML, like a small child trying to build a Volkswagen out of Duplo, I tried different formats, and then, once I started using proper authoring platforms made by grownups, I tried a new one each time: first LiveJournal and Blogspot, then WordPress, then Tumblr.

I don’t even know how to spell “methadone”

I resisted the urge to tweet for some time, since at its inception, Twitter was seemingly marketed as a teaching resource for Philosophy lecturers who wanted to explain what “solipsistic” meant. Once it became apparent that it could be used for more than telling everyone you know that you just ate a sandwich (and once I changed to a job where I couldn’t be seen to be wasting time blogging, but could install an Outlook plug-in for Twitter feeds), I started at that, too.

This time, having decided to start writing again, I went out to see what was new in the world of blogging tools. What was new? Fuck all. So here I am, sunggled back within the pillowy crevices of WordPress. Yeah, there were a few names I’d not heard before, but they all seemed overly specialised, or no improvement on what was there before. In desperation for some sort of novelty, I’ve started using Evernote for keeping notes on ideas for future columns, but it’s not really the same. I don’t drink and have never taken recreational drugs of any kind (unless you count passive smoking around stoners)*, but I feel fairly confident in stating that this is exactly how heroin users feel on methadone. Seriously, what are the new cool toys for getting words in front of an audience? Seriously seriously, you can comment below if you know of anything – it’s too late for this venture, but once I get bored and shrug it off, it’d be nice to know for the next one.

*Interesting fact: I discovered on writing the last paragraph that I don’t even know how to spell “methadone”, or whether or not it’s a proper name that takes a capital letter. The WordPress spell checker sorted me for the first issue; as for the second, it seems like it doesn’t take a capital, although the Wikipedia entry on it alternates with childlike glee. I think the theme for today is that the Internet is useless to me.


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