How Videogames Changed My World: Footnote

So, in my last post on my life in videogames, I mentioned that back in the 90s I made a bunch of games in the AMOS language on my Amiga 500, which I now have no way of accessing. Shortly after I posted that, I was searching online for old Amiga stuff, and was greatly surprised to see my name in a collection of old Amiga public domain software.

Mr. Burns’ teddy bear Bobo

I said all my AMOS games were on unreadable Amiga disks in my possession – all but one. As an enthusastic Amiga gamer, I used to read the British gaming magazine Amiga Power, and would occasionally send them letters (a couple of which got published). One time, I sent them a letter along with a disk containing the first game I ever made back in 1992. It was called BOINNG! and it was laughably primitive. I guess I was hoping they’d send me some encouraging feedback or put it on one of their coverdisks or something – instead, I never heard back from them. The disk, however, seems to have made its way into the possession of someone in England who was compiling public domain Amiga games and mine was added to their collection, which has since been digitised.

I downloaded the archive and with a bit of fiddling was able to save it as an Amiga disk image that would run on my Amiga emulator. It feels like that episode of The Simpsons where Mr. Burns’ teddy bear Bobo is lost, journeys all over the world and finally ends up back in his hands. Aw. And here it is:

On one hand, I’m glad that it was this game that ended up preserved on the Internet, since it was my first one ever – it definitely makes my list of Videogames That Changed My World on significance alone. On the other hand, as the first game I ever made, it’s also the most rubbish – I did eventually learn how to animate a walk cycle and move objects in other than a straight line, but those superior examples of my talent are truly lost. Or are they?

(Yes, yes they are – hell, I remember I accidentally wiped one of them back in 1993. They’re gone.)


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