Meanwhile, at Lucasarts

“OK, Mr. Lucas, I’ve almost finished the random Star Wars character name generator you asked for – all that’s left is to filter the output to avoid anything that sounds like an ethnic slur-”

“Hell with that – I need it now! Just gimme what you’ve got.”




“OK, what’ve we come up with for this jedi’s name?”

“It’s…. ah… Klo Poon.”

“We can’t use that – ‘poon’ sound like a rude word! Wait a minute… I’ve got an idea…”

“Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be fine. Next?”


“Oh for fuck’s sake, George.”

This post was prompted by me playing the new Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes casual game, which required a username and suggested a typically loopy Star Wars-ish one as a default. I feel my choice kept in the spirit of the genre while staying true to me:


My avatar is the jedi Kit Fisto. I have not made up anything in this post.


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