Dev Diary: Not that one

Haha! Fooled you all! I looked like I’d completely given up on VEIN, but all along I was actually finishing off an older game that I started and also abandoned ages ago!

Wait, “also abandoned”? Are you admitting you really have abandoned VEIN?

Quiet, you. The point is, taking a break from a game for a long time meant that when I came back to it I was reminded of all the clever stuff I’d done on it, and inspired me to do even more, to the point that it’s ready for release. I give you: PLATFORM BLITZ!

Download it for Windows or play in browser here:

Kind of a nondescript name. And why is the image glitching like that?

Aha, well, you see, it’s not just an ordinary platformer – the title is deliberately generic to contrast with the unconventional secrets lurking beneath the surface!

Which are…?

Well obviously I can’t tell you, they’re secrets. You have to play the game.

For how long?

That’s a secret.

But what if I give up before I get to them, like the majority of attention-deficient people who play it are likely to do?

I… it… level 4. Just get to level 4.

Well now I feel you’ve taken all the mystique out of it.

Why are you like this?

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