I am Josh

I’m Josh.

I used to do this thing where, if a site let me do a blurb about myself, I’d start by writing a description of Batman’s life and then go “no wait, that’s Batman – Josh is just some guy.” Hilarious? A bit. Getting old? Not old enough that I couldn’t resist mentioning it now, but yeah, a bit.

I’m Josh.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand and I was born in January 1976. I like to think ahead, which is why I didn’t just write my age down; otherwise I’d have to update this page every year, and it is perhaps most telling about me that I’d consciously avoid having to exert even that small amount of effort.

Also, I once did this, possibly the only lasting mark I will make on the Internet. Will this site make another? Only time will tell. *waits one second* No.

If you really want to know everything I’ve ever done on the Internet (more or less), you’ll find all the links you can stomach at monkeyfluids.me. Enjoy.

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