Short Films

No – really short films. Every year, the company I work for has a short film competition, and every year the promise of actual financial reward is motivation enough for me to get film-making (something I’m normally too apathetic to engage in any other time). In recent times, they’ve included a 10 or 15 second film category, which I prefer. My entries – some of them winning entries – are presented below.

UPDATE: I figured I have enough of these now that they warrant their own site. So here it is.

Just for Fun

Normally it takes the motivation of a competition prize to get me making movies, but some ideas aren’t really suitable for sharing with my workmates.

2014 – 15 Seconds

The 2014 competition was conducted on Instagram – have a look here for proper HD widescreen versions of these ones, with a bit of director’s commentary.

2013 – 10 Seconds

Director’s commentary for this lot is here. “Josh’s Time Phone” won the Best Quick Flick award.

2012 – 5 Minutes

(This one won me the Best Picture award.)

2012 – 10 Seconds



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