Amiga Disk Project

Crap, I said “watch this space”, didn’t I? And then put my new project up on a completely different space. Briefly then, this is the new reason why I’m distracted from working on VEIN, in addition to all the old “I am lazy and easily distracted” ones.

You’ll recall that back in this post, I found an old Amiga game of mine preserved online, while the rest were “basically locked in their plastic prisons, with no way of getting out to remind me of what a creative teenage dynamo I assume I used to be”. Well now I’m trying to do something about that, by way of a friend’s old Amiga 500, the right kind of cables and a fair amount of luck.

Video seemed like a more suitable format for documenting this project, which lead to this:

And then this:

And that’s where we stand for now. Until I get my hands on an Amiga Workbench disk (one is supposedly coming from the UK via eBay), we’ll just have to wait…

UPDATE 22/2/21 – Progress!

UPDATE 23/2/21 – More progress!!

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